Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh how long it's been.

I went and took a bit of a break, but I have returned. Rejoice!

Lets get started shall we?

1. Being a forever alone introvert isn't all bad news kids: Link
2. Every wonder why U.S Broadband is so terrible (in comparison to, say, Korea)? Well this should help you understand: Link

Now for some videos!

And finally, a picture to end off today's update.


  1. The last one always gets me... Somewhere in my ticklish zone.


  2. Welcome back! and thanks for the lolz xD and for the information!

  3. haha that sucks, never had that happen to me on the subway

  4. I do not know why but i couldn't look at the last photo and laugh. I knew it was funny, and it had my wife busting out laughing, but.. I dunno, I guess it just wasn't my taste.

  5. Lol that pic is pretty hilarious! War humor is universal!

  6. Lol, "i dunno, war stuff"

    Anyways, very interesting about our broadband... kinda makes me rawr >:|

  7. thats awesome haha

    check out my livetv blog, apprentice UK tonight 9pm GMT

  8. I read that entire article about introversion. Safe to say it describes me perfectly. I found it very helpful so thank you :)